Owner’s Representation

As an Owner’s Representative our goal is to uphold your interests in a project impartial to the influences of the contractor or the design team. We seek out opportunities for improvement in value and in the time frame for delivery. Our existence with your project is justified through the savings, managing changes, and delivering the product right the first time.

At onset we review allocation of work scopes so that all facets of the project are all accounted for. Through the process; we ensure that communication between the design team, regulatory agencies, and the contractor is maintained. Through the completion we ensure that all parties are held accountable for their commitments.

Below are a few of the services that we can provide, our services are catered to your needs.


Preconstruction Services

Document Review – review of drawings, scopes of work, finish schedules, specifications, etc. for see that they are complete and appropriate.

RFP Management – manage the request for proposal process to the Contractors or other consultants. Qualify the proposals and manage requests for additional information.

Quantity Surveys – provide takeoffs of materials to ensure accuracy of Contractor’s proposals. Provide an opportunity to work with costs in house by understanding quantities.

Value Engineering – a true approach to find an equal in quality and meet the design intent of the team. Solicit trade input and seek out alternate means and methods or finishes before the RFP.

Scheduling – deploy and maintain schedules for the design team with their objectives defined and the constraints of approvals considered.


Construction Services

Change Order Management – review and approval of proposed change orders to ensure that when a legitatite change in scope exists, that the Owner receives fair pricing for the said.

Construction Monitoring – regularly scheduled site walks to review work in place meets or exceeds set standards. Problems always compound from what is concealed from the start. Catching them in the front end ensures top quality.

Scheduling – assist the Contractor in creation of the realalistic schedule with use of the critical path method. Ensure that the schedule drives the work and that it is utilized as a management tool in planning.

Scope Definition – Reviewing of scopes of work to ensure that all work is under contract. Defining all unit cost and allowance work is clearly defined and reasonable.